SoLo Bar Challenge

By: SoLo Nutrition
Retail Value: $110
Shoutout Campaign
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SoLo Bar Challenge

By: SoLo Nutrition


Shoutout Campaign
$110 Value
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Age Range 19 - 55
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SoLo Bar Challenge


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer campaign, you'll receive 2 Boxes of 12 SoLo Nutrition Bars. Each Influencer will receive a code for $60.00 to redeem at www.solonutrition.ca. In addition you will also receive a $50 Payment upon completion. Flavours include: Nut Butter (Plant-Based), Nuts & Seeds (Plant-Based), Fruits & Nuts (Plant-Based), Chocolate Brownie, Lemon, Peanut Butter, Peanut Caramel Sea Salt, White Chocolate Cherry, Dark Chocolate Mandarin, Dark Chocolate Coconut Mint.


Earn $50 and receive 2 Boxes of 12 SoLo Nutrition Bars. Each Influencer will receive a code for $60.00 to redeem at www.solonutrition.ca. SoLo GI Nutrition is an innovative Canadian functional food R&D company at the forefront of blood sugar management. Managing blood sugar through food and physical activity is “key” to managing weight, preventing disease and sustaining energy.

SoLo GI is championing a shift “from low carb to slow carb” as the sensible and sustainable approach. SoLo is educating the public to the benefits of low glycemic nutrition and educating consumers to consider the blood sugar (glycemic) impact, equal to the nutrient content, when selecting a food or beverage.

SoLo GI Bars are the ideal snack between meals. In addition to being a good source of protein and fiber, SoLo’s low glycemic formulation sustain energy, promotes satiety (feel satisfied longer)and prevents the spike, crash and crave.

SoLo Bar is a delicious, nutritious and low glycemic (slow release) alternative to the blood sugar-spiking (high glycemic) snacks driving obesity, diabetes and the energy shortfall.

Other processed snacks may raise energy levels quickly. The energy soon fades causing cravings for similar foods to raise blood sugar levels back up. The spike, crash and crave evolved as a metabolic survival mechanism, with insulin as the master fat storage hormone, to help our prehistoric ancestors store fat for periods of starvation. In modern times, diabesity is driven by highly processed (high glycemic) foods that cause use more insulin, to store more fat, for starvation periods that never come.

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Please tag 5 people that you think could use some "SoLo time" ("me time") in their day - we call this the #solochallenge. The goal is to promote self-awareness and self-improvement. Describe how SoLo Nutrition helps you be at your best. Does it curb your hunger, does it help keep you sharp throughout the day, or maybe it's the extra nutrients you need before or after exercise and activity.

SoLo Smart “Today I had so much more energy than ever before. I was able to stay alert, prolong my hunger and feel at my peak. I recently realized that @SoLo.nutrition is an essential bar to my day. (Not only does it help provide a nutrient dense diet, but it also makes me feel at my best. In fact, it’s award winning and the low glycemic formulation has been linked to help diabesity.)

SoLo Sport “Having a SoLo Bar before my hike or run gives me the energy to perform better."

SoLo Life “SoLo is a great in-between meal snack that slows down any overeating. Recently, I realized that having a SoLo Bar in my pantry made all the difference. It helped me curb my hunger and avoid all the snacks I was eating while isolated at home."

You MUST OFFER POMO CODE: SHOUT2020 for 20% off valid to September 1, 2020. This is available on the US and Canadian sites.

Brand Story

SoLo is the first clinically validated line of low GI bars for sustained energy. In a fast-paced world of high speed this and instant that, we often reach for convenient foods when hunger calls. But not all foods are equal. Consider this! When a food is high glycemic such as granola bars or energy drinks, you’ll get an instant boost of energy as your blood sugar rises rapidly as the carbs are digested and absorbed quickly and just as quickly, it crashes leaving you tired and hungry once again. Slow carbs, like those found in SoLo with a low GI (55 or less) will make your blood glucose rise slowly and fall gently over a longer time. Eating Low GI is proven to provide longer lasting energy, improved mental concentration, maintain a healthy weight and help keep your blood sugar in a narrow healthy range. Low GI Nutrition is good for everyone. Energy/Sport Weight Management Mental Concentration Diabetes/Blood Sugar Mgt