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Stylish Polarized Sunglasses

Value: $100

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SKU: 175670021

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What you get to experience

Choose one (1) pair of Hobie polarized sunglasses from our collection to wear, experience, and share your adventure with!

Looking for posts that integrate our sunglass into your activities. We want to inspire adventures, so talking about your own next adventure will help inspire and build awareness for our sunglasses. This could be a story talking about how you are going to go on your next adventure, choosing a destination or activity, a place on your bucket list, etc. We want to include our brand hashtag #alteryourboundaries to help evoke the aspirational vibe we are going for.

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Image that showcases the sunglasses being worn. Ideally a candid type shot that shows in-moment emotions, not overly posed. Authentic to how you go about your own life...

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@hobiepolarized @ishopandshout


My next (i.e. adventure, trip, vacation, day at the beach, surf, ... name your adventure, etc.). Talk about doing something you haven't done before, and why it's important to you. Hobie polarized sunglasses help make it easy.


#myhobie #shopandshout


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Brand Story

The Hobie life is all about "finding your next adventure". Whether it's an early morning sail, hanging at the beach with friends, a morning surf, or a fishing cast at dusk, The Hobie (pronounced Hoe-bee) brand is rooted in surf, sail, fish and SUP. Our premium and durable polycarbonate sunglass lenses with HydroClean protective coatings, and classic frames that provide both wearability and style (at an affordable price!) most polarized frames are under $100.


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