Taynton Bay Spirits – Dragons’ Den

By: Taynton Bay Spirits
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Taynton Bay Spirits – Dragons’ Den

By: Taynton Bay Spirits


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Taynton Bay Spirits – Dragons’ Den


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What You Will Receive

All new! Select 1 of the available 6 options from Canada's best, ready to drink cocktails and spirits. As seen on Dragon's Den!


Naturally infused with a variety of flavours like Naked Leaf Ginger Matcha and Blueberry Rooibos tea, our cocktails let you sit back and enjoy your evening without compromising taste. Our cocktail mixes can be poured over ice and sipped as is, or mixed with ginger ale. Our infused spirits are flavoured and coloured with pure ingredients and can be mixed with a beverage of your choice. No added sugars.

Ginger Matcha Tea Infused Cocktail - This cocktail was developed in partnership with The Naked Leaf. Ginger Matcha is infused into our award winning vodka to create a premium cocktail.  This cocktail is 14% alcohol and can be enjoyed poured over ice or topped off with ginger ale.

Raspberry Vodka - Our combination of raspberries infused with our vodka will add a fruity flavour to your summer cocktail.  Flavoured and coloured with pure raspberries, there is nothing artificial about this amazing spirit. Raspberry Vodka and soda makes the perfect sugar free, delicious cocktail.

Strawberry Herbal Tea Infused Cocktail - Light, refreshing, and a little bit sweet.  Strawberry Herbal Tea from The Naked Leaf infused with our award winning vodka, offer you an unparalleled ready to pour cocktail.  Our cocktails are 14% alcohol and can be enjoyed over ice or topped with soda water.

Pickled Vodka - Perfect for Caesars!  This tangy and lively spirit was born through a partnership with Sophie's Original Choice Pickled Products.  Trust us, it's amazing! Your Caesars has never tasted better with this Pickled Vodka.

Blueberry Rooibos Tea Infused Cocktail - We have done it again!  Our Blueberry Rooibos tea is like nothing you can find in a can.  Infused with loose leaf Rooibos tea and sweetened with honey, it is the perfect summer drink. Infused with real tea and blueberries.

Orange Turmeric Infused Cocktail - The only and the best ready to drink turmeric cocktail on the market.  We infuse turmeric loose leaf tea into our award winning vodka, add fresh squeezed orange juice and sweeten with a bit of honey.  If you are looking for an earthy, not too sweet cocktail this is it.

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Something we want to promote with the teas is the simplicity of the product (ice, pour, sip) as it takes the most consumer education to showcase how the teas can be used on their own – really highlighting the ease of use.

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The brand is fun, easygoing, would be preferable for the photo situation to look fun, relaxed, laid back, as though you would want to be there drinking with them, social situations would be great.

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o Taynton Bay is airing on Dragons' Den on November 14th - so stay tuned! If you receive your bottle before the airing, please mention the airing date. If you receive it post-show, please mention the outcome.

Taynton Bay infuses their spirits with natural and real ingredients (not flavoured! No syrups!) and with no sugar added.
o Available in BC and AB and online

Brand Story

We can go on about how our wheat is super local, grown only 10km from the distillery, or about the amazing little tea shop in Calgary we sourced our loose leaf tea from, or about how old and wise our head distiller is (he is one of those things). But none of that matters if our spirits don't taste amazing. We have created a line of spirits that are distilled in Invermere BC from locally grown wheat. We use only real ingredients, not artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Easy to drink, easy to share. Our spirits are Made for Drinkers, by Drinkers, they taste incredible; come taste for yourself.