Turmeric Vanilla Chai

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Turmeric Vanilla Chai



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Turmeric Vanilla Chai

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What You Will Receive

Receive a 20-serving bottle of Z!NG caffeine free Turmeric/Curcumin Vanilla Chai powder mix!


Packed with premium ingredients, Turmeric Z!NG is a tasty natural energy boosting powdered turmeric drink that promotes anti-inflammatory activity and supports heart health, brain health, joint health, digestive health and immune health. This delicious lifestyle drink is free of soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, GMO’s, peanuts, shellfish, and sugar.

Turmeric Z!NG is the first beverage to offer a groundbreaking 5:1 healthy fat to curcuminoid ratio that fully maximizes curcumin absorption. This optimized bioavailability ensures you enjoy all the health benefits curcumin has to offer without having to ingest turmeric supplement pills. Each delicious scoop contains 1g (1000mg) of premium pure 95% curcumin.
No other turmeric/ curcumin supplement comes close.


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Brand Story

Two friends with diverse backgrounds - one a health practitioner and product formulator and another a passionate health and wellness seeker set out to create a healthy and delicious beverage that offers the utmost in nutrition and wellness for the benefit of both body and mind... a beverage with profound benefits that can be enjoyed with family and friends or simply when curled up with a good book. We believe that true health does not come from a pill. Live more with Turmeric Zing for life! RON and WARREN Learn more here - https://iamzing.com/ RON and WARREN