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Vegan Makeup Brush Set and Travel Case

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What you get to experience

A premium set of vegan makeup brushes with a beautiful travel case.

Kit includes:

Buffing Foundation Brush
Use this brush to apply foundation and concealer for a smooth, flawless finish.
Highlighter Brush
Use this brush with highlighting powder on your cheekbones, forehead, and nose.
Blush / Contour brush
This tapered brush delivers a smooth and precise application and easy blending for your blush and contour.
Crease Brush
Tapered blending brushes like this are a must-have. The dense bristles are ideal for detailing along the lash line top and bottom and for the crease.
Eyeshadow Brush
This large eyeshadow brush will give you full coverage. Use it to apply the perfect base on your eyelids, and then to blend harsh edges as you go.
Eye Liner Brush
The fine, tapered point fits perfectly along your lash line. Use it with gel or shadow.
Eyebrow Brush
This longer tapered brush works great for all brow shapes.
Flat Concealer Brush
Designed with flat tapered bristles in order to best move creamy product in the delicate under eye area.

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Brand Story

The very essence of Evalina Beauty is to give you the confidence to be your authentic self—no matter where life takes you. From dropping off the kids at school to making a presentation in the boardroom to glamming up for an evening out, Evalina believes that quality makeup should complement you in your day-to-day life—because you are already beautiful. Designed in Canada, Evalina Beauty is committed to providing you with a line of cosmetics that doesn't compromise when it comes to quality—with colours you'll love and products you can trust. Each of our products is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and designed to feel lightweight—it's not about covering up—it's all about bringing out your natural beauty.


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