Zion CBD Ambassador Program

By: Zero In On Nutrition
Retail Value: $95
Ambassador Campaign
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Zion CBD Ambassador Program

By: Zero In On Nutrition


Ambassador Campaign
$95 Value
Reach 10000
Age Range 21 - 55
Active Lifestyle Cannabis Culture Entertainment Food & Drink Health & Wellness Parenting & Family Pets

Zion CBD Ambassador Program


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What You Will Receive

You will receive new product bundles every month and 10% of sales made during the 6-month Ambassador Program. Upon activation, you will be sent a Google Forum to complete. There you will choose parts of your product bundle for the duration of the Ambassador Program so the brand can prepare your monthly shipments.

Month 1 Product Bundle: A Tincture Variety Pack that includes 1 tincture-unflavoured 1,000mg and a t-shirt Website Links: https://zeroinonnutrition.com/products/cbd-isolate-unflavored-1000-mg Retail Value: $85

Month 2 Product Bundle: A 12 oz Zion Thermos and a 1000mg CBD Salve pain balm topical ointment Website Links: https://zeroinonnutrition.com/products/cbd-salve-winter-spice https://zeroinonnutrition.com/products/zion-thermos Retail Value: $75

Month 3 Product Bundle: A 1,000mg tincture of cotton candy-flavored pure CBD isolate and long-sleeve or sweatshirt Website Links: https://zeroinonnutrition.com/products/cbd-isolate-cotton-candy-1000-mg Retail Value: $95

Month 4 Product Bundle Choices: 1 of the following: unflavoured 1000mg, 1000mg cotton candy, or topical ointment

Month 5 Product Bundle Choices: 1 of the following: unflavoured 1000mg, 1000mg cotton candy, or topical ointment

Month 6 Product Bundle Choices: 1 of the following: unflavoured 1000mg, 1000mg cotton candy, or topical ointment

Note: By opting-in to this campaign and upon activation by the brand, you will be accepting the responsibility to fulfill all the requirements of the 6-month Ambassador Program.


We have a unique product line fit for the whole family including your pet. Zero THC. We want to build a true genuine team who either are looking to experience the benefits of CBD or already have the knowledge and want to share with the world. Unlike other brands where the product has a hemp aftertaste, ours does not. Unflavored products taste like MCT oil. Your audience will love our line and you will as well! Through our 6-month Ambassador Program, you will receive a range of products worth $75-$100 every month, create a mix of 4 ShoutOut posts, 10 IG stories, and run 2 Giveaway campaigns. You will also receive 10% of all sales made during the length of this Ambassador Campaign!

ShoutOut Requirements

For this Campaign we would like you to create the following over a 6 month period:
TOTAL: 4 ShoutOut posts (mixed carousel, static, and video), 10 stories, and 2 Giveaways for the lifetime of the program agreement)

Month 1: A carousel post showcasing your product bundle and 2 IG stories spread throughout the month (ex. Product unboxing story upon shipment arrival, a week later post the carousel, and a week after that post another IG story)

Month 2: A giveaway OR shoutout post showcasing your 'Month 2' product bundle and 2 IG stories

Month 3: A giveaway OR shoutout post showcasing your 'Month 3' product bundle, and 1 IG story

Month 4: A video post (maximum 1 min) showcasing your 'Month 4' product bundle, and 2 IG stories

Month 5: A shoutout OR giveaway post showcasing your 'Month 5' product bundle and 1 IG story

Month 6: A carousel post showcasing your 'Month 6' product bundle and 2 IG stories

All of these posts must include the products from that month’s bundle and must include yourself. Feel free to add in your significant other but please be mindful of the age requirements of 21+ (we want to ensure we are promoting appropriate use of our products) Be creative! We want you to embrace Zion CBD as a part of your everyday routine so we would love to see this incorporated as lifestyle posts- whether that is you cooking with it, adding it to your water, using it before bed, relaxing your dog, and etc. *A reminder that this is a paid campaign so we are looking for posts completed within the above timeline and high-quality content.

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Let's talk CBD! We want to hear your story! Why are you an advocate for CBD products? (anxiety, sleep problems, physical injuries or self-care). Share your lifestyle and how our product fits into it/ into your daily routine. Describe how Zion CBD helps you, your family, your significant other, friend, or your pet! Be creative, authentic, engaging, and unique from month-to-month and post-to-post. *Please remember to post within 1 week of receiving each shipment so you do not get behind from month to month.

Brand Story

We are a Premium CBD brand. Our Products contain ZERO traces of THC and made here in the USA. We are looking to build our brand to reach the masses as we have seen the wonderful changes in people who have taken our products. We are also all about giving back and each month we have a different foundation we donate to. We want to have a team #teamzion to grow with and spread the love.